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Hamilton Linen & Uniform is an ImageFIRST Company focused on providing quality linen
services to the Food & Beverage and Hospitality industry.

Facility Services

With the increase in cleanliness and safety concerns, businesses are looking for ways to minimize the spread of bacteria and keep common points of infection clean. Our fully managed linen rental and laundering program ensures you have what you need when you need it.

Hamilton offers a variety of facility service products to fully supply restrooms and other areas in your business. Our facility services range from restroom supplies to floor mats and mops to help maintain a professional and clean environment for your patrons.

We deliver to your business with your needed items and bring you back to your needs-based inventory. Also, you can order additional items as your needs change.

Complete Food and Beverage Facility Services, Rentals, and Laundering Programs

Soap Dispenser

Restaurant & food and beverage businesses require various facility services products to maintain a pristine and safe business. With our fully managed restaurant & food and beverage facility services rental and laundry programs, we’ll help you stock and manage the inventory of these items so you can focus on providing excellent service to your customers. We offer a variety of products to fulfill your needs.

Regardless of your restaurant & food and beverage specialty – traditional, fast food, catering, venue locations, and more – we know these items are essential. Our inventory includes paper towel dispensers, restroom supplies, hand hygiene products, air fresheners, mats, and mops. We will work with you to set up a delivery and restocking schedule that suits your inventory and frequency needs, so your staff does not need to worry about running out of supplies.

Our various facility service products are a part of our fully managed programs. Our programs include a Customer Advocate, a dedicated Hamilton Linen & Uniform representative, available to assist you with your linen rental needs. We restock the facility service products, manage inventory, and act as an extension of your team to save your staff time and help your business run smoothly.

Taking Customer Experience to the Next Level

Do you need help supplying your facility service products at your restaurant or food and beverage business? Hamilton guarantees that we have the products your facility needs. Our team works directly with you to provide quality facility services products and programs.

Our facility service products feature paper towel dispensers, restroom supplies, hand hygiene, air fresheners, mats, mops, and more. We prioritize cleanliness, quality, and remarkable service for you, your staff, and your patrons. Contact us to learn more about our fully managed facility services programs!

Are you looking to upgrade your facility service product delivery and supply service? Our comprehensive program revolves around providing you quality products and saving your team time. Call us today to talk with our experts about our facility service product rentals.