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Floor Mats

In the restaurant & food and beverage industries, businesses use floor mats for both safety purposes and design appeal. These items are essential to complete the look and functionality of your facility while keeping your staff and patrons safe.

Hamilton offers various floor mats to place throughout the front and back of the house. Floor mats are a part of our linen rental and laundry program because these items can become dirty and wear over time. From classic mats to logo mats and everything in between, we provide your facility with floor mats to keep your business top-notch.

A Complete Restaurant & Food and Beverage Floor Mat Rental & Laundering Program

Floor Mat

Restaurant & food and beverage facilities strategically place floor mats throughout their buildings for safety precautions, cleaning purposes, and completing the look of their business. The floor mats are often used throughout the front and back of house areas. Hamilton offers a fully managed restaurant & food and beverage floor mat rental and laundering program to enhance the appearance and safety of your business. We offer a variety of floor mats to fulfill your needs.

Regardless of your restaurant & food and beverage specialty – traditional, fast food, catering, venue locations, and more – we have floor mats for you. Our inventory includes classic mats, individualized logo mats, scraper mats, and comfort flow mats for your business. We’ll work with you to schedule delivery and adjust your floor mat inventory based on your needs so your floor mats will always look fresh and new for your customers.

Our customized and durable floor mats are part of our fully managed linen program. Our convenient program includes a Customer Advocate, a dedicated Hamilton Linen & Uniform representative, that works directly with your team. Your Customer Advocate will replace your floor mats, manage inventory, and act as an extension of your team to free up your staff’s time. We want to help your business elevate your customers’ experience one napkin at a time.

Taking Customer Experience to the Next Level

Does your facility need personalized and high-quality floor mats? Hamilton provides floor mats designed for your business.

Our floor mats feature classic mats, logo mats, scraper mats, and comfort flow mats. We offer a range of styles to meet your needs and expectations. We prioritize cleanliness, function, and remarkable service to ensure our linens and products benefit your facility. Contact us to learn more!

Walk-Off Mat Walk-Off Mats feature the latest innovation in drying technology and PET carpet made with 50% recycled plastic, making them exceptionally color-fast and eco-friendly. Available in Navy, Blue, Charcoal, Red, Chocolate, Black. Walk-off Mat
Scraper Mat Our Scraper Mats feature clean surface cleats that effectively remove and trap dirt to prevent tracking. Slip-resistant in wet environments, easy to clean, and durable to all moisture including grease and oil. Sizes: 3x5’, 4x6’, 3x10’. Available in Black. Scraper Mat
Anti-Fatigue Mat Anti-Fatigue Mats include an anti-microbial treatment which provides lifetime protection from odors. Features beveled edges for a safe transition from floor to mat and comfortable material to provide superior anti-fatigue properties. Sizes: 3x5’, 4x6’. Available in Black. Anti-Fatigue Mat
Comfort Flow Mat Our Comfort Flow Mats feature a comfortable rubber cushioning, draining holes for liquid flow and an anti-microbial material that cuts down on odors caused by bacteria. 3x5’. Available in Black. Comfort Flow Mat

Are you looking to upgrade your linen delivery and restock supply service? Our program revolves around providing you high-quality linens and saving your team time. Call our linen experts today to get more information on our linen rental and laundering services.