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Hamilton Linen & Uniform is an ImageFIRST Company focused on providing quality linen
services to the Food & Beverage and Hospitality industry.


Your restaurant & food and beverage staff need a wide range of high-quality front and back towels to perform their duties to their full potential. These items must be exchanged regularly and maintain good quality to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Hamilton provides a variety of towels for multiple purposes to fit your needs. With our linen rental and laundry fully managed program, we will deliver and replenish your towel linens to keep your facility consistently stocked.

A Complete Restaurant & Food and Beverage Towel Linen Rental and & Laundering Program


Restaurant & food and beverage businesses require specific towels to maintain cleanliness and professionalism. Hamilton offers a fully managed restaurant & food and beverage towel rental and laundering program to fit your needs. We offer a variety of high-quality towels to keep your facility spotless.

Regardless of your restaurant & food and beverage specialty – traditional, fast-food, catering, venue locations, and more – we have the appropriate towel options for your business. Your staff is constantly using towels in front and back of the house, so our program consistently restocks your towel supply so you never run out. We ensure your towels maintain their quality appearance and cleaning effectiveness through our quality assurance processes, and we automatically replace them if they don’t meet our 5-Point Product Quality System.

Our towels are part of our fully managed linen program, including a Customer Advocate, your personal Hamilton Linen & Uniform representative. Our drivers help deliver laundered, packaged front and back of the house towels and other linens as requested. Additionally, your Customer Advocate restocks your shelves, manages your linen inventory, and more to free your staff’s time.

Taking Customer Experience to the Next Level

Do your staff and facility have enough high-quality towels to fulfill your needs? Hamilton guarantees that our team and linens will benefit your business by providing a worry-free program that always supplies quality products. For restaurant & food and beverage facilities looking to upgrade their service, we provide various multi-purpose towels for front and back of house duties with durability and performance prioritized.

Our exclusive towel linen line features items made to make your staffs’ jobs easier. We offer a wide range of styles and fabrics to meet or exceed your expectations. Contact us to request samples or additional product information!

Classic Bar Towel 32 ounces per dozen, white 15x18 full terry towel, 100% cotton yarns. Towel
Front of House Microfiber 80% Poly and 20% Cotton. Primarily used in the front of house operations of restaurants. Good for glass polishing and cleaning tables. Reduced lint.
Glass / Silverware Polish Towel Blue Microfiber Glass Polishing towel. Excellent for polishing windows and any glass. Also great for polishing silverware. 16x16. Lint Free. Towel
Wash Cloth Bagged Typically used as a restroom towel for wiping hands or cleaning towel for dining in place of a napkin. Wash Cloth
Terry Grill Pad 100% cotton. Doubled over and stitched for extra thick protection. Terry Grill Pad
Pot Holder 100% Cotton. Used in the kitchen for handling hot pots and pans. Pot Holder
Kitchen Towel 24 ounces per dozen, 15x18 white, ribbed terry towel, 100% cotton yarns. Typically used in the back of the house at restaurants, hotels and other food service establishments. Towel
Laundry Bag Laundry bag made of breathable material reducing the risk of mold/mildew. Used for collecting and storing dirty linen. Laundry Bag
Bag Rack Metal spring-like laundry bag rack. Style rack typically holds the laundry bag on the rack better than the typical X style. Bag Rack

Are you in need of a towel linen service to consistently restock your products? Our program is stress-free for your team. Contact us now to learn more from our linen rental and laundry experts.