Customer Benefits

Why choose Hamilton Linen & Uniform?

  1. Longevity of employees in all departments.
  2. Company longevity – still 4th generation owned and operated since 1911.
  3. Our automated counting system of linens assures accurate deliveries and exact usage - not based on pars or guesses.
  4. We're on-call seven days a week.
  5. We follow Universal Precautions and OSHA and JCAHO standards.
  6. Office staff is LIVE to answer all calls during regular hours. When you call us you get a live person, not a recording.
  7. Handheld computers are used by route service reps for accurate billing and adjustments to deliveries.
  8. Reports for usage available to help manage linen costs.
  9. We bar code garments to help track inventories.
  10. Dedicated environmental practices such as water reuse and alternate fuels.
  11. Continuous inventory upgrades to maintain quality.
  12. Specialized sales representatives.
  13. Customer friendly contracts.
  14. Custom tailored programs to fit your specific needs.
  15. We are committed to giving back to our communities thru special projects and donations