Hamilton Linen is an Environment responsible company

Hamilton Linen is proud to say that we incorporate environmentally responsible practices in many elements of our operations. Respect for nature and sound business practices are integrated to benefit the environment and the customers we serve.

In the field of energy conservation:

  • We reclaim 95% of the heat from our waste water to heat up incoming water.
  • Lighting in our plant consumes 75% fewer kilowatts than conventional industrial lighting.
  • We recapture the discharge heat from our boilers and use it to heat our incoming fresh water.
  • We are continually evaluating laundry detergents and other chemicals in relation to their impact/ compatibility on the environment.
  • Many of our textiles are designed to be washed in lower water temperatures and can endure over 100 washings. This conserves energy and reduces land fill waste.

In the areas of recycling and reuse:

  • We reuse 70% of our waste water.
  • Our use of handheld computers by our delivery personnel reduces paper use by 80%.
  • We recycle a large portion of all hangers.